Property Management

After referring many clients to various property management companies in the area and getting awful results many of the homeowners wanted us to manage the properties. So that is what we did. If you have a property that needs management drop me a line or call to discuss. Very affordable fees and quality service.

QUALIFIED TENANTS: I attract tenants through advertisements on craigs list, the MLS, and various internet sites along with local Realtors. One of the most valuable services I perform is checking tenants' background. Credit, employment and previous landlord checks are standard operating procedure.

To help protect your investment I arrange inspections of your property before and after move-in. I also inspect during the lease period as needed.

*COLLECTING RENTS: Rents are sent to the owner monthly. Tenants who have not paid by the 5th of each month are sent a a five day notice.

*LEGAL DOCUMENTS: I carefully adhere to the Arizona Revised Statutes regarding the Landlord/Tenant Act. Even with my thorough backgroud checks, occasionally tenant problems arise. The five day notice is the first step towards eviction, I can normally evict a tenant from the property within 30 days.

*MAINTENANCE & REPAIRS: In my lease I require the tenants to pay for minor repairs under $50.00. I use licensed contractors for all major repairs such as AC, heating, pluming and appliances. Unlicensed vendors are required to fill out a workman's comp waiver.

*MONTHLY STATEMENTS: Property owners are invoiced monthly. Property owners should check with their tax professional regarding the many tax benefits of investments property ownership.

*MANAGEMENT FEES: I provide owners a comprehensive range of services with a fee that will fit your budget.